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Public sector information system management consulting.

Barry Strock Consulting Associates assists organizations with their information technology, management, and telecommunications systems

These are the key components of today's governments, utilities, school districts, not-for-profits and health providers.  

Strategic technology planning, sound technology governance practices and organizational development are all factored into the system implementation.

Barry Strock Consulting Associates, Inc. provides a full range of services to municipalities and small businesses.

We are your agents, and we are biased — 

for what works for you!

Our work is anchored by carefully researched, documented, and analyzed strategic technology plans that synchronizes technology with management objectives.


White Papers, Articles and Brochures about

Organizational Utilization of Technology and Management

  • Information Systems

Information and information systems are key component's of today's governments, utilities, school districts, not-for-profits and health providers.

Changing information requirements and obsolescence of computer hardware and software have become major concerns forcing administrators to consider either upgrading existing systems or procuring new systems.

Because information systems are critical for continued growth and efficiency, it is necessary to be sensitive to the changing information requirements and aware of the new available technological advances.

  • Strategic Technology Planning 

With technology changing rapidly, how can local government address long term planning needs without becoming obsolete during plan implementation?

BSCA assists organizations address this issue by planning for the “Business of Technology” by examining the total cost of technology ownership over the life of the plan, and viewing technology acquisition as an investment.

The plan strives to leverage installed technology with prospective purchases through the a combination of standards and solid management practices.

  • Organizational Development

While local governments continue to devote large sums of money to information technology, many fail to maximize the benefits that this technology can bring. More often than not this is due to factors within the organization and how the technology is governed rather than the technology itself.

BSCA helps municipalities implement sound technology governance practices based on its culture and prior investments. Examining roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, expectations, relationships and communications, appropriate decision making and support procedures are developed.


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  • Management Consulting

How can local governments exploit the use of technology to improve service to external and internal customers alike, improve productivity, manage costs and provide appropriate levels of support?

BSCA answers these questions and more as it guides municipalities through the technology maze from concept to implementation.

BSCA consultants have a broad base of experience with the technology issues that local governments face and the impact these issues have on daily operations.

Barry Strock Consulting Associates looks forward to providing our clients with a proven process to assist in acquiring responsive information system solutions.

With more than thirty years of success, the Barry Strock Consulting Associates approach has enabled hundreds of clients to secure cost-effective systems that expanded the functionality and capability of their operations.

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